stigmund's Journal

6 June 1979
Macon, Georgia, United States
Interests: (67)
80's music, adult swim, animals, anime, arguing, bad movies, beer, bitching, books, british television, camping, cars, cartoons, college football, comic books, comics, cookin, dancing, drawing, dungeons and dragons, fantasy, fishing, food, framing, gambling, gold prospecting, good movies, h.p. lovecraft, homestar runner, horror movies, house, iron chef, junkyard wars, kids in the hall, kraftwerk, las vegas, law, lovecraft, mercer university, monkeys, monty python, music, new wave, peter jackson, pie, reading, red dwarf, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, sausage, sci-fi, science fiction, spain, spanish, spongebob squarepants, star trek, star wars, strongbad, sushi, techno, the simpsons, uga, venture bros., weeble and bob, women, writing, zombies.
Hi, I am Jason. I was born a yankee, and now I live down south. I'm relatively shy, but always enjoy meeting new people. I am an observer and a learner. I partake in that which is popular and that which is within the counter-culture. I respect maturity, but cherish my moments of immaturity. I butt heads with life, but I respect it too. I am a social jack-of-all-trades. I am me. I like that.