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Stiggy's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2009-06-20 13:37
Subject:Patrick Stewart to Dragoncon? Looks like they made it so.

Commence celebrations...

...and don't forget to pack a tent--might have to wait a wee bit o' time in line for him.

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Date:2009-03-03 07:24
Subject:Pardon the Interruption...
Mood: giddy

I have an important announcement to make...




Actually, this would be utterly squee-worthy, but I don't squee.

Let's see how long he stays on that list, though. :-/

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Date:2009-01-29 12:04
Subject:I am stimulating the economy!
Mood: bouncy

Just got off the phone with the insurance people in regards to my truck. The payoff is going to be considerably more than what I had budgeted it to be. So now, I will not only have my debt paid off almost entirely (aside from the mortgage), but I'll have some cash leftover.

Soooo..I decided to be impulsive and buy something I've wanted since God-knows-when.

Amanda and I are now officially holders of Eternal Memberships for Dragon*Con! Woo Yay!

So, everybody enjoy DC this year because, as my luck will show, it'll probably go under next year. :)

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Date:2009-01-26 15:16
Mood: sore

It's now officially been a week since my head-on collision and untimely death of my Toyota Tacoma. Although the bruises are starting to heal, my torso still looks pretty necrotic from all the contusions along my stomach and chest. On the up-side, the other party (rightfully) admitted fault, so I at least have the pleasure of dealing with this ordeal cost-free.

Amanda and I traded in one of the cars for an SUV, so now we have something a little more utilitarian for travel and the puppies. The truck money is going to go towards something more productive, I suspect (credit cards, anyone?). I have no idea what possessed me to have three vehicles in the first place.

I'm now confessing that SUVs are not the evil monsters I had always thought them to be--however, they still eat more gas than I would like them to. But then again, even my four-cylinder Toyota got pretty shitty gas mileage. Everything in moderation, I suppose.

Work has been slow the past couple of weeks, but I am thankful for that as I've been less than focused due to the aforementioned events. I believe I'll have some new assignments Wednesday, and hopefully by then I'll be at 100%.

I desperately need to read something as I haven't picked up a good book in months. I'll have to sit down and make a list of things that I need to read that I haven't read yet. I wonder if now is the time to look into the the Dark Tower saga...

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Date:2008-10-03 09:45
Subject:I GOT IT!
Mood: ecstatic

I got the suite for Dragoncon! King Murphy Bed, couch with hide-a-bed, sitting area, plasma tv, wet bar, and a fridge.

Looks like ol' Stiggs' place will be the place to hang out next year!

Mark your calendars!


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Date:2008-10-01 18:45
Subject:Dragon*Con 2009!
Mood: cheerful


Got the Marriott room for DC this morning. I'm glad I did, too. Apparently the rooms are pretty much sold out already. This is mostly to blame on all the people in the DC channels not keeping their mouth shut about the quality of the Marriott and ruining it for us long-timers.

I'm going to call the sales office tomorrow to see if any suites are available. If so, I may splurge and get a suite so there will be more room for more people, and more activities. But worst case scenario: I gots me a place to sleep.

I'll keep y'all updated, but I encourage those of you who haven't reserved to go ahead and get whatever room you can at this point. It's turning out to be a madhouse already.

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Date:2008-09-12 12:06
Subject:An Open Letter to Dr. Zachary Smith to Convert back to Christianity

Dear Zack,

I believe this explains my position:



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Date:2008-09-10 19:43
Subject:My Attempt at Political Blogging!
Mood: aggravated

Ahem, let's see here:

Bush is a Nazi who bathes in the blood and oil of the Iraqis!
McCain is a puppet of Bush and wants to send ALL OF YOU (yes, *you* grandma) to war.
Sarah Palin speaks in tongues, burns books, and wants to appoint Pat Robertson to the Supreme Court!
Republicans just hate you (yes, you again, grandma)!

Obama is an Islamofascist!
Democrats want to stick a vacuum in your pregnant wife and make baby soup!
Democrats want to tax you so they can give Mexicans welfare and free cars!
Jesus Christ would vote Democrat.

And if you don't agree with me, you're stupid and ignorant and you hate America. So nyeah.

Wow..This is pretty easy. Now all I need is a domain name and I'm in business. Opinionsarelikeassholes.com, perhaps?

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Date:2008-09-05 23:17
Subject:Dragon*Con 2008
Mood: content

DC this year was a blast, although I think I say that every year. I actually went to less panels this year then ever before, but the ones I saw were all absolutely fantastic. Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville's Lex Luthor) was by far the most entertaining guest, and he wasn't even a first choice for me. Talk about luck!

This was a year about socializing, plain and simple. Between hanging out with old friends, and making new friends with Jenna (spankingfemme) and her cadre of cohorts, Amanda and I were able to enjoy the simpler pleasures of DragonCon--whilest imbibing heavily and partaking in the finest dining Atlanta has to offer.

Amanda is now finally starting to enjoy DC in her own capacity, as she now ventures out to explore panels that interest her, tries to socialize with others outside her comfort circle, and really tries to enjoy the con for the party that it is. God knows, in a few more years I might convert her into a full-fledged geek!

I am already looking forward to DC 2009, and already have some new costume ideas in the works. Let's see how far I get with them...

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Date:2008-08-19 22:12
Subject:Are Communists Electric? (Apologies to Gary Numan)

It's commonly believed that the Japanese are the masters of robotics.

I think it's the Chinese.

Dare you question me? Watch their gymnasts and synchronized divers.

Watch out, ASIMO.

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Date:2006-06-25 00:49
Mood: excited

I am working!
I am learning to be a super lawyer!
They are paying me!

In other news, Venture Brothers Season 2 starts tomorrow (Sunday). I cheated and saw the episode on Adult Swim's Friday Fix. I foresee great things this seasons. Now as long as the suits at Adult Swim don't screw up, we may be on the road to a show of epic proportions.

Now it is time for bed.

That is all.

End of Line.

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Date:2006-05-09 21:16
Subject:Who could say no?
Mood: exhausted

It's like asking if they want free pie and chips.
It's pie...with chips...for free.

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Date:2006-04-15 12:59

I'm happily married now to the girl I was dating,
I'm finishing up my second year of law school,
and I STILL have no real interest in maintaining this livejournal.

Myspace sucks, too. Go outside, people.

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Date:2004-05-29 01:00
Subject:It's official...
Mood: indifferent

Updates! (In order of importance)

1.) Grandfather died in November. :(
2.) Still seeing girlfriend! :)
3.) Going to Mercer School of Law. :-/
4.) Buying a house! :)
5.) Fulgar Hearthborne, my level 9 cleric, lost his spell-casting ability and needs to atone. :(

Maybe eventually I'll elaborate on these. For now, I'll just keep this posted so I won't lose my account due to inactivity. ;)

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Date:2003-11-03 16:25
Subject:Receiving transmission?
Mood: busy

StigCon: 5
Let's try this again.
For 2004, I will be attempting to apply to the following law schools:

University of Georgia
University of Alabama
University of North Carolina
University of South Carolina
Georgia State University
Samford University
Mercer University
University of Miami
Michigan State University
Florida State University

After that, it's machine gun time.

P.S. I've been VERY busy since dad died. Sold the house, met a girl, etc. etc.

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Date:2003-05-02 18:12

Gary Walter Redmond

2/6/49 - 4/30/03

I love you, dad.

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Date:2003-04-29 13:01
Subject:Outlook not so good (so says the magic 8 ball)...
Mood: good

StigCon: 5

I took my first final today, with 3 more awaiting me next week. It looks like this semester I will have a less-than-stellar report card, as I am predicting a 3.2 or so GPA this semester. Some may find this to be a good GPA, but it's below my standard at UGA. I shouldn't have gotten senioritis until I KNEW I was going to get into one of my law schools of choice. Now that I'm taking another year here, I may have inadvertently hurt my prospects for reapplication next year. Oh well..I have about 5 or 6 more classes to fix that. And I'm not one to give up without a fight. I still have a higher overall GPA than most UGA grads applying to law school (at least, that's what the LSDAS report said).

Law School Update:
UGA - Rejected (duh)

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Date:2003-04-24 16:40
Mood: artistic

StigCon: 5

I've been in a poetry-writing mood. So, I've been writing poetry.

"Huzzah", says the bard.

There are obvious reasons why I've been inspired lately. But, I find that it's been entertaining regardless, because I have been working my mind on rhyme schemes and putting my vocabulary to use.

I doubt I'll be posting anything for you guys to read.

Although I do have some good dirty limericks I've got handy.

University of New Mexico: Rejected - But they were on my shit list anyways.
University of Miami: Accepted - I guess they got some extra openings. Hooray!

Based on rankings and admission data, I am basically a wash for the rest of the schools, except for maybe GSU--Which is the one school I really want to go to right now. Admissions is still looking over my application. Damn them.

More later.

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Date:2003-04-21 22:20
Subject:Quote of the day...
Mood: pensive

StigCon: 5

My friend Lynn showed this to me in a web page. I found it very relevant to myself. The author is unknown to me:

"Even though we don't believe it, low self-esteem is actually one of the most self-centered acts, not unlike suicide."

Apologies to all of those who have put up with my shit throughout the years, and still do.

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Date:2003-04-19 01:18
Subject:Where the Buffalo Roam...
Mood: full

StigCon: 5

I went to a steakhouse founded by Ted Turner for dinner this evening with some friends. The catch to this place was that they served Bison meat. Well, being unusually adventurous, I decided to have a burger made from said meat. Aside from being unbelievably delicious, it also turns out to have less fat, calories, and cholesterol than pork, beef, or chicken. I may not have found the meat of my life, but I could definitely see myself making this a common part of my diet if I had regular access to it. I recomend anybody to try it.

Alas. I didn't finish my burger, and I left my to-go box at the restaurant. It will be a while again before I enjoy such a fine meal.

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